Thank you for helping me out and hooking me up with a set of laces for my duty boots that I wear every day working at the Sheriffs Department. The first thing I noticed when I laced up was how tight the bite of the lace was in the holes and grommets of my boots... as testing I never double knotted my laces and they never once loosened up or came untied... in fact there was several occasions I had to loosen my laces as my feet hurt from my boots being too tight... that’s s good problem to have! After several months of wear 40 plus hours a week the laces never frayed or showed even a hint of wear and tear... I am looking forward to running more laces on my boots and will do everything I can to get all members of the SRT/SWAT TEAM guys using them as well!


    Just received a pair of bridge cables, no sign of the laces yet! These look extremely well made. Up to this point I've been using 5.11 laces and while they have served well, they do not come close to the construction of these.


      As soon as I got your laces, I threw my old laces in the trash and didn’t look back. I love the look and feel of your laces, they get tight and stay tight and I never have to worry about them coming loose! Awesome for all of my outdoor activities and wouldn’t be surprised if they outlast my boots!


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