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Nathan was born in Waco, and raised in McKinney, TX growing up playing football, fishing and hiking. He first found his passion for fixing and improving things when he started tinkering with his mom’s car and their lawn mower. He attended Texas State Technical College studying Applied Sciences, graduating in 2013 with an Associate’s Degree. He worked as a Line Technician at Toyota from 2011-2012, then at Dodge in 2012-2013. In October 2013, he enlisted into the United State Marine Corps, and went on to graduate from the Basic Reconnaissance Course and was stationed in Okinawa with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion where he met Gabriel when they were put on the same team and spent the four years there together. He excelled in the Reconnaissance community and graduated from Military Freefall, Marine Combatant Diver, and multiple other courses. His passion growing up fixing, making thing better coupled with his exposure to the failure of gear in his job is one of the driving factors that he wanted to create Uncommon Valor and provide solutions to simple and complex problems whenever they may rise.
Gabriel was born and raised in Decatur, Texas growing up playing football, basketball, swimming and working on his parents farm with the rest of his time. He graduated from Boyd High School in 2012 and went to Angelo State University from 2012-2013 before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in August 2013. He went on to graduate from the Basic Reconnaissance Course and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan with 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion where he met Nathan for the first time while they were in the same teams for the next four years. He went on to graduate from Military Freefall, Marine Combatant Diver, Close Quarters Tactics Course, and other courses providing the exposure of failing gear and the opportunity to create something that would be more effective for individuals in jobs like him, and other similar job fields.


Thank you for helping me out and hooking me up with a set of laces for my duty boots that I wear every day working at the Sheriffs Department. The first thing I noticed when I laced up was how tight the bite of the lace was in the holes and grommets of my boots... as testing I never double knotted my laces and they never once loosened up or came untied...

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Just received a pair of bridge cables, no sign of the laces yet! These look extremely well made. Up to this point I've been using 5.11 laces and while they have served well, they do not come close to the construction of these.


As soon as I got your laces, I threw my old laces in the trash and didn’t look back. I love the look and feel of your laces, they get tight and stay tight and I never have to worry about them coming loose! Awesome for all of my outdoor activities and wouldn’t be surprised if they outlast my boots!


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